Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

This story starts around two years ago. I stumbled across a video on YouTube that promoted the follow-for-follow technique to gain followers on Instagram. This technique is generally applied in the context of growing a theme page. Usually the owner of the page will curate content that fits into some niche, this could be anything, from snowboarding, to pets, to weddings, to memes. …

Last week I played with an idea for city generation, I didn’t want to do my regular old 2D view, I actually wanted to challenge myself a little, so I looked towards 3D. I’ve known of a JavaScript library for a while called THREE.js, and I’ve tried to use it before but I never really had an end goal in mind, so I only went through the examples, but this time, there was an end goal, and I feel like the result wasn’t all that bad.

It’s fairly commonly known that to generate a city there’s a lot of ideas…

Michael Curry

JavaScript Engineer

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